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Inside-Out Empowerment for women

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The eternal pursuit of self-improvement is something we are all programmed to do.  How that looks for each of us is different though. Empowerment isn’t just for the select few, its for all of us.   That’s why I’m passionate about empowering women from the inside -out. If I asked you what will you do differently today to get ahead? …

Wear Your Values – A journey with purpose

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I’ve been absent on social media, as I’m sure you noticed. My blogging has been sparse at best. Why? because I’ve needed time to go back to some important pieces of work around my purpose, vision and values. So I didn’t want to start posting again until I was clear about where I want to be and where I take …

Skin confidence with Ami iYok

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I’ve been testing out a few products under the radar and really testing them out before revealing my thoughts.  I think it’s important to highlight I’m not a cosmetic junkie and I am highly sceptical of products doing what they say they’ll do. I’m also not interested in stuffing toxic chemicals into my body or my skin. So… my recommendations …

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Finding confidence in the skin you’re in

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It’s happened to us all, we wake up to discover we’ve had a break out – and it’s not nice.  But what if that keeps happening, day in and day out? Our face is probably the one part of our body we look at the most, it’s exposed to the rest of the world and there is simply no hiding …

Embracing your differences and finding true empowerment with Stella Bida, Roberta Style Lee Podcast Episode 21

Podcast Interview with Stella Bida

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Tune into episode 21 on the Roberta Style Lee podcast with Stella Bida, innovation and human experience strategist. Stella has experienced first hand what it’s like to be different, and treated differently because of her race, gender and role as a woman in male dominated industry. Whilst some would allow the confidence crushing story to define them, Stella is transforming her life …

Knowing Yourself, Loving Yourself and Living Your Values

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Tune into episode 20 and get to meet me again! (Part 2 of 3) I’m a confidence coach, speaker, stylist, founder of the Ethical Brand Directory and your podcast host. When you finally know yourself, trust yourself and are happy you can make those all important changes so you can live as your best self. When you have a set …

Podcast interview with Music Artist EMM

Roberta Lee Confidence, Happiness & Self Belief, Roberta Style Lee Podcast, RSL, Women In Business

Meet EMM a singer, producer, musician, and prolific songwriter on today’s podcast – episode no 17. Whilst life may look glamorous to an outsider, Emm reveals the some truths and challenges she has faced – and continues to face every-day being a young female in the notoriously male dominated music industry. We talk about her journey and what inspires her …

Roberta_Style_Lee_ Blog How To Build An Ethical Sustainable Wardrobe On A Budget

How to build an ethical & sustainable wardrobe (on a budget)

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Creating an ethical and sustainable wardrobe, buying from ethical fashion brands or sustainable fashion brands can seem like a costly transition. Having values and making changes to your life costs you not just time, but money. It’s a hard realisation when you look at the cost of being true to your beliefs. That’s why I created this blog to help get …

Podcast interview with Michelle Lim

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Discover Michelle’s amazing cross-country journey and why it helped her find her passion and become who she is today. In the interview we discuss the difficulties faced when moving countries, how she copes with missing family, the importance of maintaining family tradition and why the career change was so important for her. Listen into the full podcast episode to discover how Michelle stays …