Skin confidence with Ami iYok

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I’ve been testing out a few products under the radar and really testing them out before revealing my thoughts.  I think it’s important to highlight I’m not a cosmetic junkie and I am highly sceptical of products doing what they say they’ll do. I’m also not interested in stuffing toxic chemicals into my body or my skin. So… my recommendations …

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Finding confidence in the skin you’re in

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It’s happened to us all, we wake up to discover we’ve had a break out – and it’s not nice.  But what if that keeps happening, day in and day out? Our face is probably the one part of our body we look at the most, it’s exposed to the rest of the world and there is simply no hiding …

My HydraFacial Review at Radiance MediSpa – My Search For Clearer Skin

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In my twenties I had my first acne outbreak – then my smooth porcelain looking dolls face started to look more like lumpy pizza dough. To say I had confidence issues with my skin was an understatement. I’ve actually taken it for granted having good skin over the past 10-years, until recently when I got another outbreak. Here I am …