A Journey Into Men’s Sustainable Style – An Interview with Dan Pontarlier

On Day 6 of Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution event, I interviewed Dan Pontarlier aka Sustainable Man, taking a journey into men’s sustainable style, in support of Fashion Revolution Week.

If you don’t know who Dan is, you should! He’s a model for conscious brands, college professor and consultant in sustainable tourism, hospitality and fashion. And Ethical Brand Directory’s proud business partner and digital strategist! 

From his wardrobe to his travels, Dan is a true sustainable champion and I couldn’t wait to sit down and chat to him about the world of sustainable fashion for men – a perspective that is under-represented in the ethical fashion sphere. For those of you who didn’t catch the live interview, here are a few snippets from our session…

Dan Pontarlier | Sustainable Man | Men’s White Shirt | Red Tartan Trousers with Braces | Ethical Brand Model

A Journey Into Men’s Sustainable Style: The Highlights

Tell us how you got into ethical and sustainable fashion.

 “I decided to ditch everything I was doing in marketing to go into sustainability. I started to promote sustainability as a lifestyle back in 2015. But I always liked fashion and as my Instagram following grew I thought why not make it about sustainable fashion.”

I love how we both had that moment in 2015! That’s when I started my sustainable journey. What’s your ‘Style Story’ and how has it evolved?

“In the area nearby Barcelona, fashion inspiration was limited. I was never really into fashion at the beginning – until I started to see it in magazines and on TV because no one around me was like this. I didn’t want to dress the same way as everyone else. And I always add my own touch to the clothes I wear.

What’s your clothing love story? A piece that you have a strong relationship with.

“It’s a kimono-cape coat. I love it! I think it’s because it has a story behind it. It was gifted to me when I was in Hungary for Fashion Revolution Week in 2019. It came from a brand I was working with on sustainability. It’s a bit over-the-top, but when I can bring it out, I do.”

Dan Pontarlier | Sustainable Man | Modelling Men’s Ethical Fashion Brand | Kimono

You know one of my hashtags is #100wears. What pieces do you have in your wardrobe that have claimed #100wears?

 “I have many clothes that I’ve had for 10-15 years. What I like to do is take a basic piece of clothing and combine it with the more over-the-top pieces that I own. I also got to clothing swaps and thrift stores. These things are already made – it’s a great way to prevent waste. Another thing I do a lot is upcycling. If there’s something I want to upgrade, I take bits from other clothes and change it. I take this to my seamstress in Barcelona, her name is Esperanza.

So you’re incredibly creative with your wardrobe. You like to create and embellish things.

“I like to be different. A uniqueness. I like to see individuality through the things people wear

What are your style tips for men?

 “Look at someone’s style you like and think how can I recreate this. What personal touches can I add to make it my own? I do it with gold and tattoos. But you can always bring signature elements to your style. I believe that when you start to feel good about what you are wearing, you gain confidence and start taking more inspiration and get more creative with your styles. Don’t worry about what other people think – it restrains your creativity.”

Dan Pontarlier | Sustainable Man | Modelling Conscious Fashion Brand | Blue Tartan Checkered Suit with Waistcoat

And finally, what are the standout moments in your sustainable fashion career?

“Leaving my 9 to 5 job to focus on sustainability and focus on the way I wanted to do it. I felt like I could do it better on my own and this way I could also work within both the hospitality and fashion industry. Another incredible moment in my career was being able to work with brands that I always admired like Timberland and Vivienne Westwood. That was one of the best moments! It was really humbling to be part of their movement.”

Dan Pontarlier | Sustainable Man | Vivienne Westwood Campaign and Male Model  Wearing Ethical Fashion
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