10 reasons to phase those people out…

Roberta Lee RSL Leave a Comment

It’s about time you took care of yourself and stopped putting the needs of others before your own. That’s right, it’s OK to be selfish. In order to be successful in life you need to surround yourself with people who support your passion and commitments, love you for all the things you are good at, and all the things you are not. 

This is probably why they say you can count on one hand the people you can truly rely on.

Here are 10 good reasons why you should phase out those people in your life that bring you misery in all it’s forms, from subtle to downright anguish. 

1. They make you doubt your self worth. 
2. They make you feel upset, insecure or less happy than you were before you saw them.
3. They take but never give.
4. They don’t make you feel special or important.
5. They never make the effort to see you, it’s always you doing the leg work.
6. You can count on one hand all the times they have said and done unforgivable things. 
7. It just feels like too much hard work. 
8. You are a second thought or not even a priority in their lives.
9. You’ve considered unfriending them on social media many times, but chickened out (trust your instincts – just do it).
10. You can’t list 5 things that you truly love about them. 

To summarise

If they don’t bring happiness and joy to the party, don’t invite them. It’s your life – your party. Life is too darn short to live on other peoples terms. 

Try this exercise 

Write down what makes you happy and what doesn’t. Then see whether or not the people you surround yourself with come to the party with gifts galore or empty handed, or worse still leave with more than they turned up with. 

Stay focused, fit and healthy – and remember YOU are fabulous, but as with all of us, there is always room for improvement. 

Life can be brutal. But that doesn’t mean you should should just sit back and suffer. The people in your life have a responsibility to bring happiness into your life too. 

Stay fab.
Roberta x