Why conscious fashion and confidence go hand in hand

What does an industry fashion exhibition at the Kensington Olympia and Roberta Style Lee have in common? Keep reading and you’ll find out. 

I attended the Pure London show on Sunday the 24th and Monday 25th of July 2016 in support of the co-founder Haseena Latheef on the ethical clothing brand, DFYnorm stand

You may now be wondering what the heck Lifestyle Coaching and a fashion event has in common, well if I didn’t have personal styling as an additional confidence boosting add-on service to my coaching, it may seem a bit unusual. But I do offer that as a service. Looking good on the outside in addition to feeling good about yourself on the inside is just as important – I am an advocate of taking care of yourself from the inside-out. This event was also about supporting the new partnership I have formed with DFYnorm. 

What’s so great about DFYnorm? 


The brand itself is headed up by the co-founder Haseena Latheef who is a passionate speaker and advocate for the powerful women. My brand is about empowering women and so is hers. 

DFYnorm is more than just clothes – yes the collection has certain pieces which I loooove, but it’s not just about the aesthetics. It’s deeper. Haseena truly cares. DFYnorm as a brand truly cares. The collection is about strength and identity – celebrating the women who make smart choices and care about what they wear – these women are empowered and confident. 

You can read more about the brand in my interview (part of the #InspirationalWomen series) with the co-founder of the ethical fashion brand DFYnorm Haseena Latheef here

She hopes her brand will inspire women to be their true selves, to love themselves, to love others and in turn love the planet. 

Scratching beneath the surface of fashion 

That’s the interesting thing – fashion can be just be very surface level for some, or it can be explored much deeper. Fashion can mean more, fashion can do more. Those in the industry (designers, suppliers, owners, buyers, consumers etc.) have a massive responsibility on their shoulders to behave responsibly, sustainably and ethically.  More and more consumers are aware (and care) about what they wear. And I care about what my clients wear too  clothing is more than just material, it has the ability to change lives – not just for the wearer, but all those involved in the process. Consumer consciousness can influence the industry and together we can all make a difference. 

Haseena Latheef chaired a panel talk about leading positive fashion trends.  She had her own story to tell post event – you can read her blog: My Pure London Saga, Panel on Positive Fashion and Winners Announced!

The panel talk was interesting and one thing that really sparked my interest was about the myths surrounding ethical fashion brands – that ethical fashion is ugly. The idea that we can now look good, feel good and do good is something that resonated with me. You’ll see me using #LookGoodFeelGoodDoGood and #LookGoodFeelGoodLiveGreat a lot more across my social media posts from now on. 

I decided to find out more about ethical fashion and sustainable fashion and what that means for the consumer. I spent a lot of time looking at other brands and asking about their sourcing processes. I found a few new brands that peaked my interest. 

Coming up in my next few blogs:

  • I will be publishing a list of the ethical brands that I discovered at the Pure London show.
  • A review of the DFYnorm clothes I received will be going live.
  • I will also be introducing you to some of the inspiring women working in fashion that I have lined up for my #InspirationalWomen series. 

In the meantime don’t forget to take advantage of the special DFYnorm discount code: 

Until the next time…

Stay fabulous.

Roberta x 

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