Style, Ethics, Power Poses and Confidence

On Saturday the 3rd of December I headed over to the Sapellé showrooms to support the co-founders with a new personal styling partnership. I was on hand to offer shoppers personal styling advice and to style a few lucky ladies for the day. We decided that this would be a good test to see how we’d work together and for me to showcase my ‘sustainable styling skills’.


Why Sapellé? 

Well, for starters they are a unique lifestyle and fashion brand that sources ethical goods from Africa. If you follow my blogs you’ll already know I am an ambassador for ethical and sustainable brands. So this was a no brainier for me.  Sapellé are an online retailer with a small showroom in West London – (where they display a selection of their online goods) and this is where we hosted the styling event.

Everything in the showroom is responsibly sourced and very vibrant and the co-founders are able to talk through each piece. I walked into the showroom and was drawn to the colours of this headpiece, which when teamed with my black leather jacket injected some much needed colour into my overall look. I just loved the way this simple headband transformed my look.

Every item they have has a story, that’s one of the things I really love; hearing where the things I buy come from and how they were made. Sapellé have really tapped into this and they provide a wonderful narrative throughout their online and physical store.

Women Working In Partnership  

Roberta Lee (Founder of Roberta Style Lee) Stylist at Sapellé Showrooms in West London (Portobello Road Market)

Based on mutual values, a shared respect for one another and a desire to support other women, in addition to the obvious ‘a passion for ethical fashion’ – we were excited to join forces and host a  personal styling day. We worked very quickly to pull together the event and based on how well it went, we have decided to throw some more styling events in 2017.


Highlights Of The Day 

All of it! Seriously it was so much fun! The funky shop, the vibrant colours, the awesome graphical prints, the funky beats blasting out over the sound system – and of course the wonderful energy of the Sapellé co-founders.
My Wonderful Client 
I was very lucky to have a wonderful client who was kind enough to let me share these snaps of her mini-makeover. She bought in with her 3 items that she wanted to re-style and bring up to date with some African inspired prints and colours.
Roberta Style Lee Personal Styling Session With African Inspired Prints & Colours
Clients own items: The black jumpsuit and the denim shirt dress.

Items from the Sapelle Showroom: The purple dress, the white T-shirt with detail on the neckline, the necklace and patterned clutch, the peplum top, the red and gold beaded necklace.

Stylists items: black leather clutch and black leather belt


Drinks and Power Poses 

Roberta Style Lee, Personal Stylist at The Sapellé Showrooms in West London

After a few glasses of wine towards the end of the day the Sappellé  ‘family and friends’ were all in the Christmas vibe, we were relaxed and chatting – got somehow got onto the topic of confidence… then the power posing began! As a confidence coach I was demonstrating the power of power poses. We all started demonstrating our poses and I showed off a few of mine. One hand on the hip and a gentle tilt of the hip with a bent knee, is my go to ;relaxed but confident pose’ – what’s yours?

I’d love to see it!

The really fascinating thing about a slight tweak in body language is that it can dramatically affect the way you feel and how others see you. Try it out at home look in the mirror and say “I’m great!” play around with poses and see how you look and feel, discover the move that’s right for you! Check out this great YouTube video on Power Poses by Amy Cuddy.

It was the end to a lovely day and the start of a beautiful new partnership.

If you have any questions about personal styling, coaching or the clothing or accessories featured in the blog just let me know.

Stay fab.

Roberta x

You can find out more about Roberta Style Lee over on the website at 

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