Wardrobe Fundamentals: 5 key steps

Wardrobe fundamentals can help you create a hard-working wardrobe you love, these 5-steps are perfect for anyone wanting to maximise their wardrobe and eliminate getting ready stress.

Your wardrobe is a reflection of who you are, and styling and building a space effectively can boost your confidence and simplify your daily routine. Understanding some essential wardrobe styling fundamentals allows you to create a versatile and sustainable wardrobe that suits your needs and preferences.

1. Get clear on your lifestyle and the clothing you need:

Women Relaxing in her Wardrobe
Clothes that suit your lifestyle

Before you dive into organizing your wardrobe, take a moment to consider your lifestyle.

  • Are you a busy professional who needs a range of office-appropriate outfits?
  • Or perhaps you’re a stay-at-home parent who values comfort and practicality?
  • Maybe you travel a lot and have a holiday home in another country where you spend a lot of time?

Understanding your daily activities and the events you typically attend will help you curate a wardrobe that meets your specific needs.

There is no point in having 15 cocktail dresses if you don’t go to events often which require formal attire. If you don’t work out often, do you need 11 sports bras and 8 pairs of sports trainers? probably not.


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2. Consider the available space you have

White walk in Wardrobe
Curate a wardrobe that works with your available space

Evaluate the space you have available for your wardrobe. Consider both the physical space for storing your clothes and the space required to display and access your garments easily.

Depending on the size of your space, you may need to prioritise essential items and invest in smart storage solutions to maximise efficiency. Or if you have a larger wardrobe you can better organise your space and space out everything, helping you ‘see’ your options.

Space in a wardrobe is a good thing. The more it looks like a chic department store display, the better – when you enjoy seeing your clothes, you’ll be more inspired to create outfits.

Over-stuffed wardrobes stifle creativity. If you aren’t sure if you need a wardrobe audit or an edit – read this article which explains the difference between the services.

3. Define your style

Mood board of style Aesthetic | Wardrobe Planning
Be clear about your style

There is no point reorganising your wardrobe or shopping for new items unless you are clear on your style identity

Identifying your personal style is key to creating a cohesive and functional wardrobe. Take some time to explore different aesthetics, colours, and silhouettes that resonate with you.

Whether you prefer classic elegance, bohemian chic, or minimalist simplicity, understanding your style preferences will guide your wardrobe choices and prevent impulse purchases and a wardrobe filled with items you rarely wear or find difficult to style.

Get started on your mood board here


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4. Come up with a colour scheme to avoid overwhelm (wardrobe fundamentals)

Wardrobe Colour Scheme | Planning a new wardrobe

Selecting a colour scheme for your wardrobe can streamline your styling process and ensure that your pieces mix and match effortlessly. Consider choosing a base colour (such as black, navy, or beige) for your core items and complementing them with accent colours or prints.

This cohesive colour palette will not only make getting dressed easier but also create a unified and polished look.

Find out more about colour palettes here

5. What’s in your wardrobe that you can better utilise?

Women utilising more of her existing clothes | Style  Fundamentals 101
reimagine key pieces into something new

Before rushing to buy new clothes, take a closer look at your existing wardrobe. You may discover hidden gems that can be styled in fresh ways or pieces that need minor alterations to fit perfectly. Check out the services of The Reclaimery over on Ethical Brand Directory and get 10% off by using code RSL10

By maximising the potential of your current wardrobe, you can reduce waste, save money, and challenge yourself to create new outfits with what you already own.

Wardrobe Fundamentals 101:

Mastering the fundamentals of wardrobe styling is essential for curating a functional, versatile, and sustainable wardrobe that aligns with your lifestyle and personal style.

By carefully considering your needs, space, style preferences, colour scheme, and existing wardrobe, you can build a collection of clothes that makes you look and feel your best every day. Your wardrobe and style are a reflection of you, therefore it’s important to carve out time to create a wardrobe that truly represents who you are

If you need guidance or support in optimising your wardrobe, consider seeking professional styling services or enhancing your fashion knowledge and styling skills by taking my online course.

Let me know in the comments if you’re ready to refresh your wardrobe and I will pick one of you for a live (virtual consultation).

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