USA PRO – a perfect fashion fit

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I’d patiently been waiting for my delivery to arrive and I’m pleased to say, I’m thrilled with my new USA PRO workout gear.

Plus, it was barmy-barmy cheap too, thanks to the January Sales and ordering via Sports Direct. 
I have saved 100s of pounds by switching from Nike/Adidas and the fit & patterns are waaaay better. I haven’t tried Fabletics yet, so I can’t compare these.

The petite challenge 
I bought one item which doesn’t really do me any favours: a pair of large daisy print ankle length workout leggings (which look super cool!). I failed to listen to my own advice, I was reminded why petite people shouldn’t wear large prints.

They are quite unflattering and they make my legs look fatter than they are. No going outside of the flat in these I’m afraid… (these I will keep, but they are for my eyes only, haha, unless I get very slim limbs someday in the future). 

The good news is that everything else I ordered, looks good, fits like a dream, is comfortable, seemingly well tailored, and looks pretty trendy as far as exercise gear goes!

Above: teamed with my Reebok Adiprene trainers ? but no matching top, as they had none in size 6 left. Gutted!

Above: a key feature on these for me is the super comfortable waistband which can be folded over. They also have a hidden pocket with zip in the waistband positioned at the back. 

Above: all these items are nicely finished especially the seams. No imprints were left on my legs after wearing them either. 

All the USA PRO items are made from good, thick material too. I honestly just cannot get enough of these items in these great colours! Shame they have ran out of size matching sports tops in size 6 though. (Another little moan, sorry!)
Above: USA PRO leggings (size 8) standard length with nice pink detail at the ankle. Worn with a USA PRO pink sports top (again, the smallest one they do is a size 6) – both fit well, although not a set, they do look good together. 
Above: Again, these work well with my trainers. And whilst they are a little long in the leg (USA PRO doesn’t do petite sizes), they are acceptable! 
Above: USA PRO Sports top in hot pink is a good fit, and have extra support and padding to hold everything in place. So, even if it’s cold your top won’t show anything you don’t want people to see 😉 
The good news is these are still available in the sale at £5.99!!! (Maybe not small sizes though). 
Above: USA PRO cycling shorts 
These bad-boys are a steal! Just £2.19! I couldn’t believe they were so cheap… again, they must have loads of these as they are still on sale, with small sizes, so this is a good option for petite ladies. 
Above: They even have cute detailing on the back.
Above: Now these I ❤️ love❤️ but I couldn’t get the matching top in a size 6. Boo! These must be popular. They are featured in the ad, so maybe that’s why. The fit is super flattering.
Above: The dark patterns don’t add much volume and the flocked detail makes then feel less like sports wear and more like a fashion item. 

I start my Personal Training course in a few weeks, and I’m all set for full time study and practical learning. I’m looking forward to getting fitter and all the while looking fab in my new clothes.

Stay fit and fashionable!
Roberta x 
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