UK Based Ethical Brand Christmas Gift And Wish List Ideas

It’s nearly Christmas! Where has 2016 gone? With Christmas shopping looming you may be short of ideas – what do you buy the woman who believes in supporting ethical and sustainable brands? Fear not – I have selected 3 wonderful UK based brands that I believe any ethically minded women will love.  

UK Based Ethical Brands For Your Xmas Wish List (And Mine)


DFYNorm Ethical Fashion Brand For Women 

DFYnorm – a unique UK based fashion label which I have shown my support for over the past 6-months. The co-founders are both wonderful ladies that care about the whole process and are fighting the corner for fashion with a conscience. Check out my Loved by RSL page to find out more. 
Visit the Dfynorm website now and take a look at their range of timeless pieces – forget fast fashion, this is slow fashion at its best. – and use discount code RStylelee to get 20% off! 
On my personal wish list is the Ikat Jacket, size 8 😉  

AmaElla Ethically Made Organic Lingerie For Women

AmaElla is a social venture based in Cambridge, they have just recently secured their funding through their very successful crowdfunding campaign. I have been a very loud supporter of this brand, having interviewed and met the co-founders and presented at their fashion ethics party – it’s fair to say this is a brand I am fully behind. Their range of organic lingerie is so beautiful – I can vouch for the quality having seen it!
Visit the AmaElla website now to find out more about the brand and what they stand for. Visit the AmaElla crowdfunding page to take a look at their range – and make a christmas purchase! They have some promotional Christmas offers on! 
Forget cheap polyester underwear, ethically and sustainably sourced is all the rage this year! This is organic, low environmental i
mpact luxury lingerie at its best. 
On my personal wish list is AmaElla Deluxe set! 

Jakes Boost Nut And Seed Butters 

Yum. Let me just emphasis that YUMMM again. I was introduced to Jakes Boost through the co-founders of AmaElla, I’ve also interviewed the female force behind the brand! Ansje and her partner are both passionate about ending child poverty in the UK and every jar of Jakes Boost helps feed a hungry child – how great is that? 
Visit the Jakes Boost website now to find out more about the brand and what they stand for. You can also order their nut butters and snacks online. 
Forget supermarket bought peanut butter filled full of nasties – buy a jar of goodness that feeds you all the nutrients you need and know your purchase has helped to feed a hungry child too! Double satisfaction. Double the love. 
This is what supporting homegrown brands and small businesses in the UK is all about. 
On my personal wish list is a monthly supply of the super-boost nut and seed butters! 

Everyone has a story 

This year has been nothing short of a whirlwind for me. I have discovered so much more about myself, what I believe in and so many wonderful brands that care about the same issues as I do.  My behaviours and my actions support my beliefs and that’s important to me. I made a conscious decision to stop buying things without first knowing the story behind it. 
The 3 brands featured all have great stories.  It just so happens that the 3 brands featured are co-founded by women, inspirational women at that! These women have been on my podcast show and/or been interviewed by me. The products I can personally endorse because I have reviewed and tested them (except AmaElla as I haven’t actually tried on my lingerie yet as it needs to be made, but I have physically seen the samples) and the brands all meet my strict ethical and sustainable criteria. Win-win. 
Check the Roberta Style Lee Podcast to find out more about these brands and their stories. Not all the interviewed are up yet, but keep checking back to see when their interviews go live! 
Until the next time – stay fab!
Roberta x 
You can find out more about Roberta Style Lee over on the website at 

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