Sustainable Styling Challenge Part 1: Swimwear

Sustainable style challenges are great for our creativity, mental health, bank balance and our wardrobes. In this styling series, I am looking at all the different ways to wear swimsuits for daywear and evening wear. In this post you’ll find pics of me rocking a 2-piece set offering fun examples of how to be more creative – and think outside the box [AD].

I’ve paired a blue 2-piece swimsuit with tailored trousers and a blazer, it’s a whole smart-cool vibe. Then, I mix it up with a slip skirt, faux fur and a vintage pearl belt for an entirely more edgy look. Keep scrolling to see all the looks and outfit details.

Blue snake print long sleeve top, black shaggy faux fur coat, black slip skirt. Evening outfit Inspiration Sustainably Styled.
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Creating a sustainable wardrobe is all about slowing down and means making smart choices. Instead of always buying new stuff, it’s about re-using and restyling what we have, including our swimsuits and 2-pieces. It’s about more styling and less shopping!

Did you know extending the life of clothes by just 9 months of active use can reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by 20-30% each

(source: WRAP)

What to expect from this sustainable styling series

In this sustainable style series, I am demonstrating how to get creative with swimwear. A styling challenge set to me by Charys Caldarella founder of Styelle, and fellow sustainable fashion champion and entrepreneur. Over the coming months, I will be exploring more ways to wear swimwear and documenting it here on my blog.

My first task was to elevate the Holy 2-piece eco-swim set and style it for day and evening wear. I think you’ll agree the set is stunning and it would be a crime to not try and get the maximum number of wears from it.

Blue long sleeve 2-piece bikini set with long sleeves and high waisted briefs. Sustainable brand Styelle worn by Roberta Lee - The Sustainable Stylist.
Wearing: The Holly Long Sleeve Eco 2 Piece by Styelle

Sustainable Swimsuit details

Sustainably Styled Look 1: Swimming Top With Tailored 2-Piece

Sustainable styling tip:

Get out some tailored pieces and see what works, this helps to offset the casualness of the swimtop.

These high-waisted trousers by another ethical brand felt like the perfect combination. I chose black pointed boots to give some extreme angles, opting for a slightly oversized black blazer and a vintage belt. I loved the pop of blue and the flash of my waist.

Outfit Details

  • Holy Blue Shine Eco Long Sleeve Top
  • Organic Cotton Black Wide-Legged Trousers by Jenerous
  • Belt with Gold Buckle – Vintage St Michael
  • Black Pointed Boots – Preloved via Vinted in 2023


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Sustainably Styled Look 2: Swimming Top With Slip Skirt, Belt & Blazer

Sustainable styling tip:

Play around with textures and see what you have that can switch something from daytime to evening wear – silk or satin works, this helped to add some luxe to the look.

In this look, I wanted to show off the high-waisted bikini bottoms and make that a feature. Opting for a silk slip skirt and pulling it down helped to create the blue waistband, which I loved as it shows off more of the bikini. I decided to pop the blazer on my shoulders. and try on a vintage pearl belt (giving me big 70/90s vibes). I wanted to go for a simple bag, so I grabbed my sustainably made clutch by Priestleys.

Outfit Details

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Sustainably Styled Look 3: Swimming Top With Slip Skirt, Belt & Blazer

Susty styling notes:

What can I say about this look? It’s one of my favourites. Keep your eyes peeled you might see this look featured on Channel 4 soon, on a series I worked on (If you didn’t know about this project, make sure you sign up for the Inner Circle as I share behind-the-scenes teasers in it every quarter!). The animal print and the shaggy faux fur work so well together – the contrast in colour also looks great – and it’s perfect for me as I am a Cool Winter.

Outfit details

Sustainable Styling Challenge Part 1: Conclusion

I think it’s fair to say the HOLLY set is very versatile. I think there are even more possibilities for styling! If I had more blue in my wardrobe I would try more tonal looks. If I wore more colour I think this would go well with high-waisted pink trousers too and a denim jacket.

How would you sustainably style this swimsuit t? Share your ideas below and I will pick one or two of them to style and publish on this blog.

Eco Note: Nothing new was purchased to create these looks. The swimsuits are all gifted as part of the collaboration and were all items I had identified as needing to be replaced in 2019. The last time I purchased a swimsuit was in 2012.

Promoting Ethical Brands

AD | Full disclosure I prioritise giving Ethical Brand Directory (EBD) brands as much exposure as possible as part of their membership, as long as their items are aligned with my style. I believe these brands need all the support they can get to compete with big brands with mega-marketing budgets. Any collaborations/paid partnerships I choose to do are extremely rare. I am very selective about whom I work with. If I do choose to work with a member of EBD I offer a highly discounted rate to make it possible for them to be able to work with me.  Please note: I am not a fashion influencer – I encourage you to only shop what you need and will wear and treasure for years to come.

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