It?s that time of year again folks, time to put away the summer dresses and break out the woollies, and you know what that means? spooky season!


This is probably the most fun part of Halloween but it is also sadly the most wasteful. But don?t worry you can still look amazing this Halloween without costing the planet.


This year try focusing more on your make-up and less on your outfit. There are endless possibilities when it comes to Halloween make-up whether you want to go for something scary and zombie inspired or go down the cute route and try your hand at some cute animal looks. Make-up is also probably the most eco and Zoom/ virtual Halloween party-friendly costume for this year too.

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Your wardrobe

Make-up?s not for everyone and if you do want to focus on your outfit that?s easy to do sustainably too.

Use what you have! No one wants to be told that they can wear their own wardrobe for Halloween, but with the right inspiration you can put together some amazing costumes.


Halloween is such a fun time for kids so why not embrace it and do some matching costumes for you and your little ones.

A ghost

My first suggestion is the most simple of all the costumes but it is a classic. For this all you really need to do is find an old sheet and cut out the eyes. If you’re feeling creative you could customise your ghost, by either adding accessories such as glasses or necklaces or drawing some spooky designs or faces on to your sheet, the kids will really enjoy this!

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This is another easy to do costume. All you need is you and your kids favourite black dress, you can go as fancy or as casual as you like. Some fun accessories, these don?t necessarily have to be black and a pointed hat which you can normally find in any charity shop then re-donate when you’re done.

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Devil and Angel costumes

Dress your kids up like the little devils and angels they are. These costumes are very similar to the witch costume, all you need is your and your child?s favourite red or white outfit, a little but if make-up. Maybe a red lip or eye shadow if your a devil or some shimmery make-up if you’re an angel.

To finish it off you could add some accessories, for example, for the angel you could add a halo or wings. The halo could be as simple as using a white headband or if you want here?s a DIY tutorial on how to make a halo. You might be able to find wings in your local charity shop but if not don?t worry here?s a great tutorial for wings you can make using an old bed sheet or spare fabric. In the case of the devil, you could add some horns, a tail or a pitchfork. Again these could be found in your local charity shop but if not you could make them, here?s a tutorial for devil horns in this tutorial they suggest sicking your horns to hair clips but you can always use a hairband if that’s easier. You can also DIY your tail and fork.

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For those of you who don?t have little devils and witches running around this Halloween here are some of my favourite adults-only, straight from wardrobe Halloween costumes.

Hippy or 60?s flower child.

This one is easy and just requires the right layering. Start with a slip dress, bonus points if it?s coloured. Next, put the dress on over some wide-leg jeans and layer on some long beaded necklaces if you have them, add some flowers to your hair and you have a complete look. If your feeling fancy and have one you could always add a guitar or if not just stick with the trusty two-finger peace sign (just make sure it?s facing the right way).

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Sandy from Grease

I think we can all agree this is a very sexy costume that never goes out of style. And it?s so easy. All you need is some back tight-fitting trousers, even back leggings will do, a black top (bonus points if it?s a little busty), a statement belt, some red heels, or back will do and finally a leather jacket. Do your hair up in some amazing curls and you?re done!

sustainable Halloween costumes - sandy from grease image
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Risky Business

Take your inspiration from this infamous Old time rock and roll dance scene. Like the last costume, this is something this is never going out of style but unlike the last costume, it?s a little more low maintenance. All you need is an oversized white or light coloured button-down shirt and some white socks (anywhere from ankle knee-high) and your done. This costume is perfect if you?re going for a low key lockdown Halloween but would also be great for dancing the night away in absolute comfort while still looking amazing and on theme.

sustainable Halloween costumes - risky business
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I hope you liked my suggestions and I have left you feeling at least a little inspired. With new restrictions coming in every day this Halloween is going to be a lot different from previous years but I hope you still find a way to embrace it, have fun and stay safe. And remember, stay positive and stay stylish!

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