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There are a lot of people doing great things and what was once considered ‘trash’ is being transformed into sustainable pieces of art, fashion and furniture. My friend Kenny from Style & Trashion has created a beautiful coffee table book showcasing some really unique sustainable luxury brands. It’s a limited edition, MUST HAVE for anyone interested in the future of sustainable luxury. The coffee table book contains many beautiful images and insightful interviews, tastefully presented and designed, so perfect to have on display and addition to any space.
Trashion Forward Book

To find out more about this amazing project and get your hands on a copy, click here:

The Emergence of Sustainable Luxury

I’m extremely delighted to announce that I have backed this campaign and as token of goodwill, given my dedication to all ethics and sustainability in my personal styling business – I thought I would offer something extra.  I’m offering a sustainable styling session for men (yep, that’s right men get a shot at this too) and women into the mix, so that you can discover how to get sustainable with your wardrobe and get more out of your existing collection. You’ll need to be following Style & Trashion’s facebook page and the Roberta Style Lee facebook page to be notified of the competition and in for a chance of winning.

As part of your signature style consultation and bespoke personal styling session – we’ll uncover what makes you unique, we’ll explore what makes you feel amazing and reconfigure your wardrobe so that what you’ve got works harder for you.

Sustainable Style Match

After meeting Kenny at one of the early 2017 Ethical Brand Directory events it became very clear we had a shared passion for fashion and sustainable style.  As a sustainable style veteran, or what I like to call a former ‘hoarder’ of clothes, for creative purposes – I have learnt a few things about resourcefulness and being creative with styling. This is where the fun happens and styling really comes alive! Doing more with what you have or making more out of less, oddly opens the doors to more creativity and uniqueness. So based on my experience and Kenny’s kickstarter – we thought it would be a great time to team up and share the message: that sustainability doesn’t have to mean ‘budgeting’ and compromising on your style.

Sustainable styling is the incredibly fulfilling art of reinventing, restyling, repairing and re-styling clothes that you may have had for many years and creating new outfits and styles that work with who you are today. With the emergence of eco-fashion, greener closets and ‘landfill issues’ caused by clothes barely worn, being thrown in the bin, there is no better time to step up your ‘green game’ and up your anti in the style stakes.

Okay, so enough about ‘me and what I do’ let’s get back to this awesome book.  Kenny has featured some really great brands that have taken the concept of ‘trash’ to a whole new level. Whilst the book showcases some more radical pieces probably best left on the runway, it does also feature some great designers and brands such as:

Trash4Flash, a Greek brand making one of a kind innovative jewellery and accessories from upcycled materials.
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Bernardo Urbina Design, a designer creating high end furniture from waste

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Po-Zu, a company that uses various innovative and sustainable materials including Pinatex

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Felder Felder, an innovative and forward thinking clothing brand who celebrated their 10th anniversary by making a sustainable carbon fibre dress entirely from car parts.

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Bottletop, a company blending design with technique across cultures to create luxury fashion accessories using recycled materials such as can ring pulls.

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Emeric Chantier, a French sculptor that evolves plants into animals, humans and objects that reflect society.

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 And inside the cover of the book you’ll find many more…. in fact you can enjoy interviews with thought leaders in the sustainable fashion, art and lifestyle space, as well enjoying  page by page inspiration from a range of global brands and designers showcasing their resourceful, planet friendly creations.
Hope you’ve been inspired!
Roberta x