Styling Tips for Tall Women

Looking for styling tips for tall women? This guide is tailored specifically for women with height. If you’re blessed with extra vertical inches, you’ll know that finding clothes that fit perfectly can sometimes be a challenge, and this can hamper your styling mojo and creativity. I’ve curated a collection of styling tips to help you embrace your height with confidence.

Whether you’re an aspiring sustainable fashionista or simply looking to enhance your personal style, these tips will help you make the most of your existing wardrobe.  Don’t let your height stop you from feeling fabulous in every outfit. 

Definition of a Tall Woman

The styling definition of a tall woman refers to someone who is above average height, typically standing at or above 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm) tall. Just like petites, tall women have unique body proportions that require specific considerations in dressing to enhance their natural beauty and create balanced, flattering looks.

Styling Tips for Tall Women

Tall Women Styling Tip No. 1: Play with Proportions:

Image left: Victoria Beckham| Right: Jewelled Buddha

To visually balance your height, you can experiment with different proportions in your outfits. Unlike lots of women who are conscious of cutting their height in half and appearing shorter, you can really experiment with layers, and hemlines, in addition to adding extra elements like patterns and prints.

Tall girl styling tip No. 2: Enjoy Wearing Flats or Low Block heels

Image right: From Alohas’ website

Wearing flats and being comfortable is something all crave, yet many feel their height stops them, but this is not a problem for you. From trainers to sandals, ballet pumps, brogues, loafers and Chelsea boots – you have your pick of flats. Opt for versions that are most comfortable for your foot shape

If you’re conscious of your legs appearing even longer, avoid pointed shoes. Opt for almond, round – or even peep toe. An ankle strap also helps break the vertical line of your legs. Tall girls can of course wear heels – however, when it comes to wearing flats, you have your pick of the flat footwear styles and options.

Tall Women Styling Tip No. 3: Embrace Horizontal Details

Horizontal details, such as horizontal stripes help add width to your frame and break up the vertical line of your body. Look for tops or dresses with horizontal patterns or designs. Avoid verticle stripes if you don’t want to appear too tall. If you do wear verticle stripes wear them with a V-neck and tucked into a high waistline.

Tall Girls Styling Tip No. 4: Layer with Confidence

Layering can add dimension and create a more visually interesting look. Experiment with thin layers – for inspiration think about All Saints the brand that mastered the off-duty easy layering looks. Different-length cardigans, blazers, or jackets break up your silhouette and can add movement to your outfits. Floor-length cardigans and jackets can also make you look taller so think about belts.

Tall Women Style Tip No. 5: Define Your Waist:

Cinching your waist with belts, scarves or waist-defining garments can create the appearance of more curves and add shape to your figure. It can also help cut the vertical line of your figure helping reduce the illusion of height. Belts are an essential item for tall girls – this is an easy way to introduce verticle lines to break up a tall block of clothing. You can shop sustainably for scarves and belts by browsing eBay, Depop, vintage stores, and designer resellers’ sites.

Tall Girls Styling Tip No. 6: Opt for Flared Bottoms

Image on Left: Reformation website:

Wide-leg or flared pants and skirts can add volume to your lower body, balancing out your height and creating a more proportionate look. Tall Women look great in slim, fitted trousers too, however, the flared bottoms add movement and shape, which again, helps break up the verticle line.

Tall Women Styling Tip No. 7: Choose Contrasting Colours (Colour Blocking)

Colour Blocking Victoria Beckham
Images from Victoria Beckham’s website:

Wearing contrasting colours for your top and bottom can visually separate the upper and lower parts of your body, preventing you from appearing too elongated. However, if bright colour blocking isn’t for you. Try tonal dressing. For tall girls, this a wonderful styling hack – but also doubles up as a great styling tool. Tall women can have so much fun colour-blocking without looking too girly or stumpy. Whilst colour blocking isn’t for everyone, tall women can pull off the look with ease.

Tall Girls Style Tip No. 8: Embrace Alterations & Tailoring

Invest in alterations and tailoring to ensure that your clothes fit you perfectly. Well-tailored pieces can enhance your proportions and give you a more polished appearance. I recommend getting at least 1 pair of trousers made to fit you perfectly. Opt for a style that you can dress up and down so you can get more use from them. 

Tall Ladies Styling Tip No. 9: Go for V-necks

Images from Bauken website

You’ll find V-necks flattering depending on the size of your bust and your modesty levels, you can experiment with different types of V-necks from modest to deep plunging Vs. The V-neck helps break up the upper torso area, offering some interest and preventing the body from looking too vertical (high-necks will add length to your frame).

Tall Woman Styling Tip No. 10: Play with Patterns and Textures

Experiment with different patterns and textures to add visual interest to your outfits. Mixing patterns or incorporating textured fabrics can help draw attention away from your vertical proportions. 

If you don’t want to look too tall:

Avoid High-Necklines:

High necklines can elongate your upper body. Instead, opt for necklines that open up your chest, such as V-necks or scoop necks. Unless you are layering, roll-neck tops will only add length, so opt for a contrasting colour with your dress or shirt. Your overall body shape type will also dictate the best necklines too, not just your height.   

Try tonal dressing instead of wearing one colour head to toe

Avoid Oversized Long Loose Dresses:

While oversized clothing can be trendy, it can also make you appear even taller. Opt for well-fitted garments that celebrate your figure without overwhelming it. Oversized shapeless dresses on tall women can accentuate your height and detract from your natural assets – whilst style is very much a personal choice, this cut is rarely the most flattering option for your lovely long limbs.

Remember, the key is to feel confident and comfortable in your clothes. These tips can serve as a starting point, but feel free to explore different styles and find what works best for you and your unique body shape. Embrace your height and celebrate your individuality!

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Some outfits just might not proportionately flatter your body shape. You’re not alone, all body shapes regardless of their height have their own set of challenges – the key is to embrace them and turn them into opportunities! For you, horizontal lines, colour blocking and larger patterns and prints aren’t a problem.

Styling Tips For Tall Women Summary:

From creating balanced proportions with layered outfits to embracing flattering necklines, these tips will empower you to feel confident in your clothing choices.

Say goodbye to tall girl problems and hello to a wardrobe that celebrates your tall and fabulous figure. So, whether you’re looking to add some flare to your wardrobe or simply seeking outfit inspiration, start experimenting with these styling techniques and you’ll soon see that your height gives you lots of options you have to experiment with your clothes.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these tips. Have they worked for you, or are there any you avoid? Share your experiences below and you could be in for a chance to win a 30-minute virtual styling session with me.

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