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Style Mood Board Service

Style Mood Boards: get complete clarity on your style and shop with complete confidence, knowing you’ll only invest in styles, colours and shapes that reflect your style profile. Get dressed every day with a clear style focus – using your mood board as an anchor to ensure your style stays on point!

Personal Style Mood boards

Personal style mood board creation helps to capture your signature style (style DNA) giving you the style confidence you deserve! Get a clarity on your style DNA and creative style inspiration!

If you’d like to have a clear direction when it comes to your building wardrobe, getting clarity on what your style is a tremendous help, or you could just be looking for a refresh in your style as you enter a new chapter in your life.

Style Moodboard in a frame on a wall


Time allocation for delivery of service (not including prep).

I love the styles you’ve put together – this has given me a great direction for building my new wardrobe
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what to expect:

Multiple elements go into creating your signature style, which can often be overwhelming. Get the creative support you need to create a style aesthetic that will enable you to consistently create a signature look you’ll love, giving you the style confidence you deserve!

Note: Colour and body shape analysis services are not included – please book these as separate sessions if you are looking for exact colour and body shape options to be added to your mood boards.


– You’ll fill out a detailed personal style questionnaire
– A shared Pinterest board (private) will be set up
– The first in-person meeting (via zoom) will be set up (30-mins)


– Between meetings you’ll be required to gather inspiration and pin to your boards
– Based on the first meeting an initial concept style mood board will be drafted
– After several touch points (max x3 30-mins meetings via Zoom) we’ll have shared feedback on the versions of the mood boards


– A clear style aesthetic that showcases your unique personality traits, and gives you the blueprint for creating your signature style.
– You’ll get a high res PDF of the mood board(s) that you can print and frame at home (or stick inside your wardrobe door)
– You’ll get 1-month of complimentary style SOS support after the final session in case you have any questions about your style direction

can be done online


Personal style mood boards are created (up to 3 versions) to help consolidate your style DNA findings and provide you with an overall style concept.  The mood boards don’t cover every outfit possibility, but they do capture the essence of the style you want to express. When added to the wall of your bedroom or walk-in wardrobe/space it can create a focal point for you to dress in a way that reflects how you want to be seen, it acts as an anchor for your everyday styling.

There are 3 touchpoints. One in-person (over video call) for an initial creative brainstorming session and 3 more check-ins over 30-min Zoom calls.  This is a co-creation service where I give you 7-hours of my time to help you discover your style,  help with finding pins, and do the creative mock-up on the final board.  You will still need to find time to review styles, do the homework set after each check-in and bring ideas and images to each session.

We will go through 3 iterations over some weeks – tweaking the boards until you feel comfortable we arrived at a board that reflects a style you LOVE. You may only end up with 1 final board, but you can keep the other iterations. Some people like to use the time to craft distinct boards: for work, off duty.  It depends on how much time and research goes into the boards from your side as this is a done-with-you service.