Revamp Your Style Sustainably

Are you ready to revamp your style? Is it time to freshen up your look? Do you want to do it sustainably? Then you’re in the right place. Perhaps, like me, you’re tired of the traditional approach to styling that promotes overconsumption and endless shopping, if only there was another way…

Before I set off with my tips on how to revamp your style you’ll be pleased to know that I differentiate myself by focusing on styling, reinventing pieces, looking beyond stains, tackling bad fits and seeing what we can do with clothes in the wrong colours – styling is not about the shopping. My goal is to ensure you feel confident, whilst nurturing a more mindful and sustainable approach to fashion. I believe that true style comes from within, and it’s about expressing your unique personality and values that matter most.

Instead of constantly chasing the latest trends and acquiring new items, I prioritise the art of styling! So let’s dig in with 5 tips on how you can revamp your style!

5 Tips to Improve Your Style

1. Take some time to discover your Style DNA

Before embarking on any style revamp, it’s essential to get clear about your values and style DNA. If we were working together I would guide you through a process of self-discovery, helping you understand what truly resonates with you and aligning your style choices with your values. I cover this in one of my classes on my online course: Create Your Own Personal Style.

However, you can also do this independently and I have a blog that guides you through the steps to create your own personal style and values vision board.

2. Understand your body shape and how to dress it

Dressing For Your Body Shape Style Guides | Curvy Women in Sports Wear

When you understand your body shape – styling becomes a game changer. The key to looking stylish is a great fit. Clothes that fit and flatter your shape don’t have to be super expensive. One thing you can do to upgrade your style is work on your existing clothes and make small alterations. Leg length, sleeve length, for example, the neckline on a top – these are relatively easy to alter. Adding embellishment in the right places depending on your body shape can also be surprisingly flattering.

If you’re not confident in your skills you can look for an alterations specialist. London-based ones can be found here. I can also advise on many customisation projects.

Take a look through the Dressing for Your Body Shape Guide. You can learn all about your shape and what styles flatter your curves the most.

3. Understand what colours suit you

Roberta Lee - The Sustainable Stylist The Colour Variations Within The 12 Seasons Of Colour Analysi

Colours are another key part of creating a style you love. Nobody teaches us what colours look good on us, so we just buy what colours we like. Sometimes we get it right, sometimes we don’t. When we don’t get our colours right we can look off… Instead of looking fresh and dazzling in our outfits, we look tired and lacklustre.

Take some time to explore what colours work best for you. There is a full range of colour guidance on the Wearing Colour Style Guide. You will find plenty of resources to help you identify the best colours for your complexion. Start with identifying your undertones.

4. Learn the tricks to style your clothes better

Work with your existing wardrobe to create fresh looks – it’s beneficial to work with a stylist to do this. You’ll explore different combinations, experiment with accessories, and discover hidden gems in your closet. The goal is to help you realise that you have an abundance of style possibilities right at your fingertips. For example, try tops on backwards and style evening dresses with casual jumpers and trainers to maximise your no. wears. Use hairbands to cinch in the waistline of badly fitting clothes for an immediate alteration that is effective but not permanent.

If you’re looking for inspiration and can’t afford to work with a stylist – then head over to Pinterest and YouTube. I also have some styling videos on my Pinterest and Instagram accounts. There are so many fashion content creators who share tips for styling and re-wearing your clothes. Of course, a more tailored and individual approach is what you’re after – go for in-person styling.

5. Be Open To Upcycling and Reinventing Your Wardrobe

One of my key areas of expertise lies in upcycling and recreating items from your existing wardrobe. Rather than discarding perfectly good pieces, we’ll explore creative ways to transform them into something new and exciting.

  • From altering the silhouettes
  • To repurpose the fabrics
  • Dyeing items into more flattering colours, the options are plentiful.

I’ll show you how to breathe new life into your clothing while minimising waste. If you have skills and want to see how easy it is to up-cycle clothes check out BluePrintDIY on YouTube. I love her fresh and fun approach.

If you’d like to explore a customisation package with me and one of my partners here in London, let me know – this is a better option when dealing with high-end designer pieces. Together, we can turn your wardrobe into a treasure trove of unique pieces. This is the most sustainable way to revamp your style! Take a look at some of my upcycling projects here.

How to revamp your style on a budget

Many stylists, myself included now offer Virtual Consulting you can have a styling session no matter where you are. Virtual sessions are usually a bit cheaper than meeting in real life, so you can make some savings there too. Also look out for workshops and free sessions online, as well as courses that are often free or a fraction of the price you’d pay to work directly with a stylist.

need a second opinion

I now offer virtual styling services. All you need is WiFi and a device with a camera. 

Revamping Your Style and Improving Your Fashion Sense

There are lots of free resources and tips online from stylists and fashion content creators to help you get started. My website is full of articles and guidance. I also run a FREE Discovering Your Style DNA workshop that I run throughout the year.

If you’d like to go through the entire styling experience with me, but at a highly reduced price – you can join my online course. I cover all of these critical areas of styling and more. And the best bit? You get some 1:1 video time with me too. Learn at your own pace, if you get stuck – book a call with me.

the styling course

Everything you need to know for unstoppable style confidence. Colours, body shape, outfit planning, styling tips and more!

What about shopping to Refresh My Style?

I strongly encourage shopping your wardrobe and then preloved items first. By exploring thrift shops, consignment stores, and online marketplaces, you’ll discover a world of unique and one-of-a-kind pieces with their own stories to tell. This approach is not a recent trend for me; I’ve been promoting these sustainable practices since 2015, long before they gained widespread popularity. Thankfully today, preloved fashion can be found in abundance!

Investing in ethical and sustainable brands is another crucial aspect of my styling philosophy. When I work with clients I handpick brands that align with strict sustainability criteria, ensuring they go beyond greenwashing. Ethical Brand Directory is another valuable resource I recommend, providing a small but highly curated selection of conscious brands committed to making a positive impact. There are also lots of shopping guides on my website where you can discover other Sustainable Brands.

Let me know in the comments if you have any additional questions! I use the comments section of my website to help me decide on video content to create so your question could become my next YouTube tutorial 🙂

2 thoughts on “Revamp Your Style Sustainably”

  1. Eon Mckenzie

    I would like to revamp closet and move to sustainable clothing however I have found recycled clothes is very expensive versus fast fashion thats more affordable. Most of us are not making enough money to justify buying clothing at designer prices. My hope is that there will be a balance between demand and pricing.

    1. Hi Eon

      I understand your predicament however given the amount of preloved fashion available today, there is no need to buy direct from fast-fashion brands if you want to revamp your wardrobe. I agree price points are higher if you want to invest in a sustainable brand though. Hopefully demand and and government legislation will help drive down the costs, and make it more accessible to everyone. I still believe 1000% that preloved is the way to go – I rarely buy anything ‘new’ these days. x

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