My Interview with MyWardrobe HQ

During the lockdown the My Wardrobe HQ Team interviewed me and asked lots of fun questions to find out more about me and what I do. I realise I never posted the interview on my own site, and thought it would be a nice way to share a bit more about myself and what I do. Let me know if you have any additional questions!

1. Tell us about your lifestyle…

I am a sustainable fashion stylist, speaker and content creator, known as London’s Sustainable Fashion Stylist and I have been doing this work since early 2016, long before it was trendy and anyone was even talking about building a sustainable wardrobe.

My former lifestyle, prior to covid-19 was very busy, in and out of London working with VIP clients, working on fashion shows and talking on stage or making appearances on the BBC or ITV news.  Nowadays things look really different as I have embraced a slower lifestyle and I primarily work from home, split my time across personal styling work and fashion activism. I also run Ethical Brand Network and support up-and-coming indie luxury fashion brands. I have a beautiful puppy named Penelope and another one named Benedict that have totally transformed my life and how I spend my time. I now take long walks and have lots of doggie cuddles every day which is really different to life before lockdown (filled with dinners, drinks and attending events!).  

2. Where is your favourite holiday destination?

Chile! I fell in love with the Country when I worked out there very briefly in a former career.  I adore the diversity, the people, the food and the wine are fabulous. In Santiago there is a very cosmopolitan lifestyle, high fashion, art galleries and excellent fine dining. That said, the outdoors lifestyle in the mountains, the vineyards, and the coastal locations are all glorious too. It’s just criminal what’s happening to the Atacama desert… it breaks my heart to think of all those unwanted clothes being dumped in the desert of one of my favourite places in the whole world.

3. Favourite fashion icon?

I think Coco Chanel and La Meri (a dancer) are two of my favourites for challenging classical convention. I have to give Iris Apfel a big shout out as I do love her colourful style, whilst her style is too OTT for me, I do like the way she plays with colours, patterns, textures, embroidery, prints and shapes, and this experimental style has influenced my approach to sustainable styling.

Modern day icons, I would say Emma Watson has to score highly for me, I love that she wears her values – I’m not keen on all of her looks, but I like that she supports indie brands. I am a fan of Meghan Markle’s style too, although it lacks the edginess I like. As a Londoner, I do look to the local London fashion scene for inspiration, I love to add a slight urban edge to my style code, which is feminine, sophisticated with a dash of London edginess and since the lockdown a splash of colour.

4. What do you do for downtime?

I am trying to do more yoga and pilates reformer classes – but lately dog walking feels like the therapeutic thing I do these days – I enjoy the simplicity of meeting friends and simply going for a walk together, no agenda, no high-heels, no make-up… it’s quite the opposite to how I used to be. The lockdown changed me!

I love to cook healthy food from scratch, I have a zero waste food policy at home, so I have to get creative. My guilty pleasure is a large glass of sauvignon blanc and reading a book and escaping for an hour (or two). I became a member of a quirky members club just outside of London, and I often go there to enjoy the pool or sip wine in front of the fire pit. 

5. Favourite places to shop?

Well, I try not to shop too much as I have plenty of clothes already. I also get gifted a lot of items from brands I work with, so for me, it’s more about being creative with my existing wardrobe. I love the fact that renting, swapping and re-imagining clothes is becoming more normalised. If I do buy anything new it’s from a preloved platform or I will try to support an ethical and sustainable brand where I can.  Longevity and style are ultimately the deal breakers for me – if I find something that I have been searching for – I have to be subjective about things. Nowadays fewer brands tick all of my values boxes, but I have started to realise that it’s OK and none of us are perfect, nor are any of the brands out there.

6. What do you do to be more sustainable?

So many things! Where do I start? I began my journey in 2015 so I have had some years to implement small but meaningful changes in my life. The main championing outfit repeating and #100wear.s I believe knowing your own style and being stylish is very different to being good at shopping. I’ve always said knowing your style can help save the planet. My biggest changes have been around my consumption, I only buy what I need, and I invest in the best quality I can afford or find. I try to avoid single-use plastic, I recycle, I buy eco-friendly products, where I can and I minimise travel. I switched bank accounts and pensions to the most ethical and planet-friendly ones I could find. 

7. How much do you spend on fashion each month?

I don’t really spend a lot as I get gifted a quite a few pieces, I actually decline more than I accept. If I am to spend I would say I could spend between £90 – £850 on a piece that I really feel will add value to my sustainable wardrobe.  I’ve started buying a lot more pre-loved luxury brands lately as I have been focused on long-lasting quality. Some ethical and sustainable brands, whilst innovating and doing fab stuff, haven’t ticked the quality and longevity boxes for me (yet).

8. What’s your go-to ‘dress up’ look?

I love a midi or maxi dress. I am obsessed with them, as I have gotten older I look at what I can wear today and again in 10+ years. I love how feminine dresses make me feel and how cool they look dressed down with trainers and a biker jacket. Dresses are easy glam, and easy to dress down. For me that means more cost per wear opportunities. That said, I still love a good pair of jeans with a white-T-shirt, gold hoops, a gold chain and a blazer, teamed with heels and a statement bag and red lip.

9. What is your favourite brand?

Oooo – I don’t have one. I don’t do favourites, never have. I would say as an everyday brand I was drawn to Ganni – the style of their maxi and wrap dresses are consistent and flatter my body shape.  Lately I have been looking towards brands such as Gucci, Bottega Veneta, and Prada – I guess the older I get the less adventurous I am becoming, I want pieces that I know will last and that I will still wear 20-years from now.

10. How would you describe your style?

My style is feminine and sophisticated with a dash of london edge. Since the lookdown I have incorporated more fun and relaxed vibes, so it now includes a healthy dose of colour. 

11. Do you follow influencers or magazines for your style? If so which?

Actually, I don’t. I have my own sense of style and I have never really followed anyone in particular. London has always been my inspiration. I love this city and I am inspired by the women who live, work and play here and make this place I call home so interesting, diverse and stylish. 

12. What’s the most you’ve ever spent on one piece? What is it?

Ah that would be telling! The most expensive item I have is a Louis Vuitton handbag. I actually sold a lot of my pieces when I set up my business back in 2015. I realised I wasn’t using half of it my designer goodies, and I could release the equity of my wardrobe by selling it on.

13. What are your wardrobe staples?

High waisted skinny jeans, a white t-shirt, white and black cashmere jumper, a black and white blazer. My breton stripe tops. My beloved Burberry belted trench coat, my trust old (and ripped) cropped leather biker jacket, my super old denim jacket. I have a wide selection of boots, no joke. I am not a minimalist when it comes to footwear. I love my boots. I’ve got my Jimmy choo knee high Jimmy choos, a pair of white studded cowboy style boots, a pair of light tan pointed ankle boots, and several other pairs that I wear throughout the winter. I have many statement strappy heels, my gold Miu Miu sandals have just been restored, I love my Anthony Stoker heels too, I have quite a few well-worn and comfy plain barely there ones as well. I wear my white trainers all the time. I almost always wear my black Bally belt with gold hardware and my Loft and Daughter jewellery (gold hoops and layering necklaces).

The rest is of my stuff pretty much mixes and match with these items.

14. Do you work out? Go to the gym or at home?

At home, but I do enjoy a trip to the Pilates reformer studio – or even a gym. I find exercise fun wherever it may be unless it’s outside and I am cold and wet. I hate everything about a bootcamp… 

15. Which is your favourite restaurant?

Oooo good question. I really love Japanese, and Sake No Hana and Nobu are firm favourites but I also like sushi samba too. I also enjoy undiscovered little indie places and pop-ups across London too.  One of my new found favourites restaurants is outside of London, it’s called the Zebra Riding Club… I’m obsessed with the seasonal tasting menu!

16. What’s your ‘go-to’ meal to cook at home?

I love a Thai curry, a mixed bean chilli or carrot and lentil soup!

17. Where do you dream of living in the city, the countryside or abroad?

My dream was always to live in the city as a kid. Now I dream of a hot climate and would love to relocate to the south of France one day

18. What’s your one big goal for the next 5 years?

Just keep working on my businesses and get them to a point where I can step away for months at a time so I can take more time for myself to travel. 

19. What motto do you live by?

Treat other with the same respect and dignity you would expect to receive. Plus, I really do try to live by and wear my values – but let’s face it – being sustainable in the modern world isn’t as easy as these eco-influencers make it look. I like to embrace imperfect sustainability, I still do my bit but also get to enjoy a life with a few luxuries! 

20. What feeds your soul?

Doing what I do now, I am so passionate about style and making sustainability more mainstream, and showing that you don’t have to give up on life’s luxuries to make a positive impact in this world. You can help protect people and the planet, and still enjoy a stylish fulfilling lifestyle.

Thank you to My Wardrobe HQ for the great questions.

Watch this space!