Marie Kondo Your Wardrobe This Valentines

As Valentine’s day approaches it’s easy to get pulled into the over-hyped day in the calendar and feel a little lost if you don’t have plus 1 in your life.

This year if you’re single or in a relationship where your partner doesn’t celebrate valentines and you feel left in the cold about it, this blog is for you. This February 14th I’m dedicating to you – it’s all about you and I want you to release the guilt and enjoy the focus being on ‘you’. 

Hence why I’ve written this blog. I truly believe feeling good about who we are starts on the inside and works its way to the outside too.  So in true Marie Kondo style what awaits us is a wardrobe detox and find out what clothes really make you feel like the best version of yourself.

Research shows that clothes matter when it comes to confidence

Professor Karen Pine from the University of Hertfordshire who has carried out lots of studies to demonstrate what we wear changes how we feel about ourselves, was quoted saying “specific clothing – including even superhero T-shirts – can make people more confident in all sorts of situations”.

Her research suggests also suggests (and very much inline with my coaching and styling approach) that we should all be more careful when picking out what clothes we plan to wear.

Clothing is an extension of who we are

The words we use to describe who we are and the clothes we choose to wear should act as a confidence booster, guiding us towards our best self. Clothing is an extension of who we are, how we feel and what we believe in. Sometimes this is consciously created (like power dressing for a board meeting) but for many women it’s an unconscious process. In this blog I’m going to share 5-tips to help you reconnect with yourself and your wardrobe.

What we believe to be true about ourselves and how we dress has an impact on how we see ourselves and how others see us too. 

5 Tips for building a Self Love Wardrobe 

Get to know yourself – What clothes make you feel like the best version of you?

Tip 1.

Write down 3-word that you want others to think of you when they see you and write down 3-words that you believe summarise who you are as person. Try to be objective, do you think the way you present yourself embodies those words? 

Tip 2.

Next step is to Marie Kondo that wardrobe and start to edit – make sure you remove all of your ‘feeling fat, ugly, or just cover me up clothes’ and put them to one side – if they don’t bring your joy or make you feel [insert your words from above] and let them go.

Tip 3.

Find your happy pants! I’m a great believer in building the foundations first – and for our style that starts with our underwear. Pull out the contents of your underwear draw and get rid of any underwear that doesn’t make you look and feel fabulous. 

Tip 4.

Search through your remaining contents of your wardrobe and identify your fail-safe feel good outfits. Try on these on and take a moment to write down how those outfits make you feel. Do your emotions match up with those words you wrote down in tip 1? 

Tip 5.

Make a list of the items that you believe are missing or need an update so you can create a powerful wardrobe that ‘always’ makes you look and feel great – and use this valentines days to ‘Invest’ in yourself. Head on over to Ethical Brand Directory to find some beautiful clothes and gifts – check each profile as there are some hidden discount codes!

Instead of expecting things from others I want to encourage all women to think about what they can do for themselves. If Valentine’s day is about love, it seems like a perfect way to start off this year is by directing it to yourself first.

Sending you lots of love this February.

Roberta x

As always if you’d like any support or advice when it comes to getting started with your personal style or even branching out of your comfort zone, get in touch – book a free DISCOVERY CALL with me for quick chat.