Lockdown Diary 3.0: What I Didn’t Achieve Through Isolation

In this Lockdown 3.0 diary entry I share all the crazy ideas I had about the things I would do whilst staying at home. And that I didn’t end up doing. Perhaps you can relate? Do you always have a personal to-do list that is quite frankly ridiculous? 

During lockdown I think I amplified the silliness from 5X to 10X because I figured with all this being at home, why wouldn’t I have extra time to get double the amount done? 

Where Did the Time Go Over Lockdown?

I underestimated (massively) the free-time I would have during isolation, I never imagined for a second I would suffer with depression and anxiety- and that a lack of human contact would turn me against my nature and into an introvert. But it did! 

Also, did anyone else have an invasion of clock elves that kept speeding up time throughout the day? I’ve never known time, days, weeks, months – a year to fly by so fast without me actually going anywhere.

Here is the list of what I did not achieve (and a great example of my tendency to always want to do more than is humanly possible!) 

UK Lockdown: Things I Didn’t Achieve…

Pratiquer mon français

I really believed I would take French lessons again and up my game with languages (I speak just one language, English, and it’s always made me feel inferior to my peers who all are multilingual). I was absolutely certain I would crack this and come out of lockdown with a smug face muttering cohesive sentences in French. 

Sadly that smug-face will just have to wait until another time, despite all the possible opportunities for me to have simply switched on my French audio classes, I did not. Instead I used my spare time to binge on Netflix, re-watch all of Sex and the City and Friends. 

Decluttering and selling stuff 

I honestly thought I would have completed a top-to-bottom sort out of my place, instead I feel like I have just poked the bear and have been living in less than minimalist bliss. Every sort out I attempt just creates more clutter as I battle with what to do with things I no longer want, need, or that are broken. I did clear out a lot of clothes from previous swapping events and donated them to a great charity that supports refugees, who literally have nothing. So that felt good, but what about the rest? It’s all boxed up here waiting to be donated to charity, or sold.

I am actually not great at listing things on Vinted or eBay either. I used to do it for my clients, but have always dragged my heels when it comes to my own stuff. I don’t know why because I want these things gone, and I want the money too. So what stopped me?

I had a simple goal – to sell around £700 worth of things then I could get a custom made blazer made. I thought I would be so incentivised, but alas there is no blazer hanging in my closet… 


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Keep in Touch with Family & Friends

Now this surprised me, as during the first lockdown – I was on video calls with everyone constantly. But somewhere between the second and third lockdown, communication went down the pan! I mean, I have barely spoken to my best friend (granted it’s not just my fault as she’s always busy). When you realise you chat to the DHL delivery guy more than your bestie, you have to question what’s up. 

Now by the third lockdown, sadly I had separated with my partner and had to form a new bubble. I thought I would be around their place all the time, but again, I just found myself immersed in work and the weeks whipped by…. 

Getting the most amazing body – ever! 

In my heart of hearts, I thought this was going to be the time I invested maximum effort into self-care. I had visions of me sporting a ripped stomach and enviable triceps, and the most shapely legs you’ve even seen. Ohhh the idea was amazing – the reality, ha! Not so much. I just worked my ass off and through stress, I dropped weight. My goal to get back up to 5-days a week of training never happened… more like 3-days of 20-minutes. 

During the first lockdown, I was walking loads, 1-hour every day. Dancing at home and doing my weights, yoga and pilates. I even got myself a new bike in the summer of 2020 after the first lockdown ended and enjoyed a few lovely, long bike rides with my friend. I had every intention of keeping the wheels turning and getting back to my 4+ hours a week of cycling (pre-car and pre-lockdown). Let’s just say there’s a lot of rust on the chains..

Roberta Lee Cycling in London on blue bicycle | Sustainable, eco-friendly travel

And yes, I know, I mentioned a car, not so eco for someone like me. I actually only got the car during Covid-19 because of the restrictions on using public transport (and I wanted to feel safe travelling). It was purchased second-hand and I barely do any miles in it to be honest. But it gives me the freedom to visit my friends, most of which are not London based. 

Giving up the booze 

Ok, so maybe I didn’t really try as hard as I make out. Truth is, I have never been one for drinking alone. But since lockdown, I can truly confess to being a wine-guzzling, lockdown hermit. 

Finish Decorating…

Ok, so I feel that this is something my landlord should be doing anyway, so I have let myself off. My partner started to decorate my flat last year, and tried his best, bless. But it needed a professional to come in and tidy up – and just get that extra 20% done. I never got around to getting anyone in. The light above my desk still doesn’t work and the one in the kitchen blinks on and off from time to time. Everytime it flickers, I think… I really should get that fixed. 

Finally: It’s Not Possible To Achieve Everything

That’s all for today’s diary, I hope you’ve found it as entertaining as I did writing it! Can you relate to any of these? Let me know what you wanted to achieve over lockdown…and didn’t 🙂 

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