Live on ITV News Discussing Fast fashion

Barnardo’s released their latest report on the British nations shopping habits and ITV News shared their latest findings. I was invited in to share my expert opinion.

But first, here are the shocking fast fashion stats:

This year Britons will spend an extraordinary £2.7 Billion on fashion that will only be worn once.

The years’ wedding season outfit cost is estimated at approximately £79.76 per wedding, almost 10 million outfits are expected to only be worn once. That’s a staggering £800 million spent on single-use wedding outfits alone this summer.

Brits are also expected to spend over £700 million on 11 million outfits brought for the holiday and with no intention of ever being never worn again.

Roberta Lee – The Sustainable Stylist – ITV / Fast Fashion

In the interview I was asked about sustainability and why it’s become a thing. I spoke about fast fashion being too accessible and why we end up over consuming clothing. I also shared a tip for being more sustainable with our wardrobes, by simply stopping to ask ourselves if we’ll wear it 100 times before buying it, we can make more conscious purchases. Tune in to watch the interview (about 2-minutes) to get all the details.

Let me know in the comments if you were shocked with the stats – and if you’ve ever purchased an item to wear once!

Hands up here, in the past, this was definitely me!

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