How one womAn can inspire a generation of women

There are many women out there who deserve to be mentioned. So many women have done so much for us in closing the gender gap and fighting for equality and basic human rights. 

Of course, men have done plenty too, but the rise of women and #girlpower is a wonderful thing to see blossom. I felt that a blog post in support of International Women’s Day today was necessary. 

Men and women have different strengths, but no gender is more important than the other. Both genders have an equal role to play in leveling out the playing field and creating a fair and balanced future for all of us. Respecting we need one another and gain comfort from one another does not mean we are weaker than one another. 

Women have shown their strength in so many ways and continue to do so everyday. Some decide to take action and fight for the equality of women on a larger scale. Others do little things in their every day lives. Nothing is wrong with either approach – as long as we all appreciate what we all do, and support one another along the way. That includes women supporting women, and men supporting women, and women supporting men. What do you do to show your #girlpower, ladies?

I have a love of fitness and fashion, and today I share my admiration and respect of Coco Chanel, who defeated the odds and carved out a lucrative career in the fashion industry – and created a new style, all at a time when men dominated the industry. She had a passion, determination and grit – something that growing up without life’s luxuries can really give you. Coco Chanel never let her situation define her, who she could be and what she was capable of, regardless of what society thought of her. A true fashion icon and a real example to women that we can stand up and be different and succeed, as long as we believe. 

Read more on Coco Chanel’s life story here.

Stay fab and focused!

Roberta x

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