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Women inspire me. Motivated, successful and confident women really inspire me. Real women with real stories are inspirational. Women that defy the norm and design products/deliver services that help women feel better about themselves or empower women – seriously inspire me! With so much talent and inspiration out there I thought I would start a new #inspirationalwomen series for my monthly newsletter. I decided to post a few teasers on the blog – starting with this one. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you want to catch the whole series SIGN UP HERE

An interview with the co-founder of DFYnorm the up and coming ethical fashion brand – 15 June 2016,  London

I met Haseena in a hotel bar not far from Oxford street. She is the co-founder of an up and coming ethical brand called DFYnorm who make high quality fashion items for the empowered woman. Haseena arrived looking casual but elegant wearing an aztec print jacket (which has it’s own story!) over a black dress teamed with a tan satchel. We sat down at a table and ordered a bite to eat and some non-alcoholic drinks before the interview commenced. 


Here’s a short 2-minute video which explains more about the brand and why I was so keen to know more about the inspirational women behind it:

Me: Thanks for meeting with me Haseena – so I’m excited to hear more about your story, tell me what motivated you to come up with the DYFnorm clothing brand? I love that you’ve dared to be different in your attitude towards fashion. 
H: Well it all started because my co-founder and I were fed up with the mainstream fashion industry and what it represented.
The clothes we wear not only communicate who we are but also have a huge impact on the world, socio-culturally as well as environmentally. There is so much throw away and waste. Garments are no longer investments. I’d rather be making clothes that are meaningful and connect people with their truth. Fashion can play a role in inspiring women on a journey of self-discovery.
Me: Empowering stuff! I love it. 
H: I believe in the Vivienne Westwood ideology about buying less but choosing well. If you are smart about your fashion, you will be able to buy pieces that are investment worthy and well-thought-out. My co-founder came up with a really interesting phrase- “Shop for a reason. Not a season.” It’s why we created a brand that cared.
;I believe that ‘clothing’ is more than just functional material. It’s nice to hear such a passionate voice for more meaningful and ethical fashion.
H: I want my designs to appeal to powerful women, leaders and creators who are unafraid to defy the norm.
Me: That’s great! You sound like a brand that is pushing the boundaries and making ethical fashion elegant. 
H:  Thank you. It is, and we like to think we are. I like what you do too. Unlike most stylists, your approach with feeling good from the inside first feels more authentic and real – I’m sure many women will relate to that. 
Me: Thank you – I love what I do. Empowering people to look good, feel good and live a great life is so rewarding. I have to ask…what is the secret to your confidence? 
H:  My confidence? I never really think about it. I keep all my interactions very honest and personal. I wear my own brand a lot because I love what we’ve made – and it makes me feel good to wear great fitting, high quality clothes that are made with a real purpose. 
Me: What about exercise? I use fitness as a tool to keep me sane, happy and confident. What do you do to stay fit and healthy? 
H: I have to say yoga is my favourite form of exercise. When I work out 3 times a week, I feel like everything else falls into place – and I eat right automatically too.
Me: Exercise and food are two hugely important components of a happy healthy lifestyle – I always say ‘fuel your ambition with good nutrition’. When my exercise and nutrition is on point my confidence skyrockets – I genuinely feel like I can take on the world! 
H: That’s so true. I know what you mean. 
Me: Well, I think that brings us to the end of our interview. Thanks for your time and I look forward supporting you on future projects! 
H: Yes – I am open to what the future holds. I like that we both have a lot of resonance with what we do. I look forward to seeing your ‘brutally honest’ review of the clothes I send you!

Me: I look forward to reviewing them!

I left the interview totally inspired by the vision that Haseena and her co-founder have for DFYnorm. It made me think about what other things I can do moving forward to support great women who are out there trying to make a difference.  So will you join me? Will you dare to defy the norm and do some good today? DFYnorm have made it super easy for you…. you can look good, feel good – and do good! Just visit their website to see the full collection at and use take advantage of the special discount code below.

Stay fabulous ladies and whenever possible always try to stay informed! 

Roberta x


This interview was carried out by Roberta Style Lee as part of the Inspirational Women series. DFYNorm is a brand created by two inspiring women set to revolutionise fashion and what it stands for. 


You can see more over on the website at and other #RSLRecommended products and services all reviewed and tested by moi.

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