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I felt clueless about my style, how that reflected on me in my work and social occasions and it all just felt too big and overwhelming to think about – especially when I care about sustainability.

Roberta has been a godsend and ticked all those boxes so that I’m now confident and knowledgeable about my style, can do it in a sustainable way and against all odds, I now actually feel excited about my purchases and choosing what to wear in the morning!


Roberta Lee, sustainable stylist standing with her arms crossed wearing a vintage blazer and hat.


Hi, I’m Roberta!  I’m a sustainable stylist based in London, also known as The Sustainable Stylist and I’ve been doing things differently since 2015.  

I truly believe fashion can be a powerful driver for change.  Creating our own personal style is more than just clothes, our identity and wardrobe are interlinked.  

Taking time to craft a style that reflects who you are and what you believe in is a powerful tool for creating the life you deserve. 

I look forward to meeting you at my online workshop and sharing 6-simple steps to create a style you love.