Skin confidence with Ami iYok

I’ve been testing out a few products under the radar and really testing them out before revealing my thoughts.  I think it’s important to highlight I’m not a cosmetic junkie and I am highly sceptical of products doing what they say they’ll do. I’m also not interested in stuffing toxic chemicals into my body or my skin. So… my recommendations for products or treatments are not taken lightly. I’m also not about to abandon my values and start using products that don’t fit my values just so I can have clearer, more confident skin!

That’s why I have started the Skin Confidence Diaries and why I am showcasing the products/services I have found that actually WORK and help me feel more confident in my bare naked skin!

My new found product love and personal recommendation goes to: Ami iYok who have an exciting range of ethical and sustainable cosmetics that are:

  • Natural organic ingredients
  • Kind to animals and humans – ingredients NOT tested on animals
  • Respectful of nature and eco-friendly packaging
  • Dermatologically tested

 The three main products in my review are: face wash, day cream and night oil – all suggested to me by the brand’s founder, based on my skin condition. My skin has an oily and dry combination, is prone to spots, damaged by the sun, struggling in city pollution (congested) and dare I say it…showing signs of ageing.  The products I have fallen in love with are detailed below.

Ami Iyok Bio Cleansing Gel

I’ve been using the Ami iyok Green Shaman Bio Cleansing Gel morning and most evenings for a couple of months now and I no longer suffer with dry skin after washing my face. It’s free from sulphates smells great and gently cleanses my skin, easily removing make-up and leaving my skin feeling refreshed. It’s active ingredients include: micro-algae Spirulina.

Ami Iyok Balancing Cream

This includes the edition of using an ionising show head now too, and then finishing with Ami iyok Balance Cream.   The cream smells divine and is specifically designed for combination-oily skin types and helps balance the skin’s pH level, it works on both the dry areas and oily areas. Ingredients include: Aloe Vera.
I then follow with my existing sunblock UVP 50+ (whilst I continue with my IPL treatment for my pigmentation marks).

Ami Iyok Slow liquid

In the evenings I am using the Ami iyok slow liquid by gently massaging into freshly washed skin, the oil smells divine and it’s quickly and easily absorbed. This one really does feel like food for my skin, I love hydrated and nourished my skin feels afterwards.

On top of finding a product that I love and will happily recommend to all my female friends (and I have invited Ami iYok to register onto the Ethical Brand Directory) –  I am very happy to discover the brand’s commitment to sustainable is a perfect fit for my values. From sourcing, production and packing, this brand is setting a great example – and to top it all off it’s plastic free!

Ami Iyok Environmental Policy

Here’s what the brands environmental policy looks like:

The brand’s corporate environmental responsibility and smart environmental design are hallmarks of their environmental commitment, concepts that go hand in hand; otherwise we would not be the company we are.

In line with this commitment, the brand uses organic eco-friendly packaging. Featuring a patented foldable and reusable design, it is made from poplar wood originating from certified plantations that are strictly controlled.

Our violet glass jars, made using biophotonic technology, block the entire spectrum of visible light, with the exception of ultraviolet light, allowing the passage of a small amount of UV-A and infrared radiation to guarantee optimum protection against the ageing process caused by visible light and prolonging the shelf-life and effectiveness of our products.

Our formulas, both in their composition and in their components, are free of GMOs, parabens, petroleum derivatives, phenols, phthalates or any active ingredients that have not been removed through an enzymatic process that respects the properties of the raw materials.

Their  ingredients are 100% natural and organically grown Natures’ International Certification and its strict standards, ensure the traceability and quality of our raw materials and our products.

Visit the Ami iYok website and get clearer skin without compromising on your values: 
I hope you’ve found this review helpful,  let me know if you try out the products in the comments – and keep your eyes peeled for the next few product/treatment reviews coming up.
Have a great week!

Roberta x

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Products were provided by Ami iYok in return for an honest review.