Why Is Ethics In Fashion Important?

I managed to get Julie and Lara the beautiful ladies over at AmaElla Lingerie to speak to me about the importance of ethics in fashion in a special interview in support of Fashion Revolution week. As the co-founders of an entirely ethical and sustainable, luxury organic cotton lingerie company, I felt that they were perfectly positioned to share their insight and wisdom on the subject of ethics in fashion and why it matters. Click on the video below to listen to the interview:

Julie and Lara have been able to show the journey – from concept to production, which is probably why they managed to secure such a loyal following (myself included) they’ve dared to share all the behind the scenes stuff you don’t usually get to see. They’ve done a really great job at being transparent about their entire process. In fact I think that it’s that transparency that earns them triple kudos points. There are no questions to be asked – they’ve explained every step. You know where your money goes, it’s clear that the cost is higher because the processes are being followed to the book – no cutting corners, no unfair labour, no nasty chemicals – and 100% organic cotton is used to create their luxury line.

You only need to visit the website to see how fantastic this brand is. I love to support women who are doing amazing things, women who make amazing things and  women who care about amazing causes. Julie and Lara are both beautiful human beings and they care about the stuff that matters, like ermmm other people and the environment – but that doesn’t mean they have fallen into the frumpy ugly trap that many ethical and sustainable brands fall into – it’s no good making functional, ugly clothing that is kind to the planet but only a fraction of the population will wear. Ethical and sustainable brands have a long way to go if they want to appeal to the masses. Looks matter. Quality matters. Beauty matters. Sexy sells. If you can tick all these boxes and create clothing that is aesthetically desirable then you’ve got over half the population interested already.

AmaElla Lingerie Products
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I expect I am like most ladies out there – I like beautiful things. I want to look good in what I wear. I love that fact that with AmaElla there is no compromise you can look good, feel good and do good by supporting this amazing brand. What’s not to love?

Bye bye ugly practical cotton pants and hello beautiful, sexy ethical undies!  My AmaElla Lingerie review will be coming soon.
Roberta x