Creating your capsule collection

Welcome to the busy working city girl capsule collection, I hope you like it!
When creating a new wardrobe you need to be realistic with what you need vs. what you want. A capsule collection contains items that won’t go out of fashion and can be restyled with many pieces. Shoes and bags will make, break, or renew an old outfit – so think about key pieces that can be matched to at least 4-5 outfits.
I have really enjoyed pulling this collection together. Inspired by ‘Parisian Chic’ and corporate life in London – I looked for items that would work around a busy woman’s lifestyle.
Items shown above left to right:Alexander Wang Prisma skeletal suede and leather shoulder bag now £387, Chloe Drew, leather and suede shoulder bag £880 (out of stock), Saint Laurent classic small monogram suede shoulder bag £880, Gianvito Rossi green velvet pumps £313, Gianvito Rossi brown suede pumps £313, Gucci patent leather pumps £331 (out of stock) H&M black denim boiler suit £35 (out of stock) Balmain double-breasted velvet dress now £1,184, Balmain crystal-embellished velvet mini-dress now £1,782. 
The capsule collection 

Items shown above left to right: Mui Mui striped wool sweater £557, Valentino cropped cotton shirt now £263, Zara high waist trouser £14, Balenciaga wool wrap skirt £483, Victoria Beckham red teddy wool-blend miniskirt £166, True Religion Halle skinny jeans £218, Chuck Taylor All Star low leather sneakers £78

All seem a bit too expensive.?

I agree – these are just used as style examples. You don’t need to buy designer items, but you should invest in good quality pieces and if you do buy things that don’t fit – visit a tailor to get the perfect fit.It just so happens a lot of the items I selected came with a designer price tag. Finding alternative items without the hefty price tag is easy – just explore Pre Loved!. Just decide on what you need and then search your favourite high street shops. There are many alternatives to designer items, check out the Ethical Brand Directory ( to find high-quality pieces.
If you regularly attend work events where you need to be well dressed, or go out socially to places that warrant a smart dress code – try and combine your wardrobe. Depending on your job, and the industry you work in you may not need a ‘work look’ and a ‘out of work’ look – you’ll just need a ‘you’ look.If you like the items featured in this blog, visit the Villiod app and you can find my boards, tap and purchase any items shown (if they are still in stock).
That one outfit that makes you feel fierce!


Items shown above top right: ASOS Fuller bust African print scrappy contrast bra (from £20) and underwear(£PNK)

Textures can be a great way to add importance and glamour to an outfit. A well-structured dress that compliments your figure is worth a million pounds.  Steer clear of cheap fabrics though as it can spoil an outfit. For additional power dressing put on some fantastic and fierce underwear. Sit there looking all polished, nobody but you needs to know you have crazy, sexy, gorgeous underwear on  – I’m telling you, it can boost your confidence – try it!

Important meeting at work? 


No problem. Every gal needs a crisp white shirt, and colour-coordinated accessories make for a smart and practical city girl look. Clutch bag for the evenings too.

You can keep reinventing this look by switching up your shoes and bags. And let’s not forget a ponytail, braid or blow dry and different make-up can transform this simple look all over again.

Friday night on the town? 

Sorted. Try a stylish off-duty look. Keep things elegant and on point with heels and a structured bag. Check shoulder bags to see if the straps are removable – these can then double up as a clutch bag too. 

Casual off-duty look?

Easy. This is where a nice clean, well looked after, pair of white simple sneakers can make your outfit look pulled together. Avoid wearing your ‘gym’ trainers from A to B and have a pair of ‘walking trainers’ that compliment your style – you can be practical and stylish.

Date night?
We all need a dress that makes us feel great, no matter what we look like or how we feel – we slip on ‘that’ dress and it hides the lumps and the bumps and flaunts our best features. You could even match it with the black patent shoes and multi-coloured Chloe bag. I would avoid wearing velvet shoes and a velvet dress though as this would be a bit too matchy.
Weekend brunch 
One of my favourite patterns is stripes. It goes with everything and can be dressed up and dressed down. It’s very French chic and I tend to be inspired by the Parisian’s elegant and coordinated style for the city gal wardrobe. I’ve put the velvet heels in this picture but you could swap for the trainers.
If you’d like some help pulling together your capsule collection that compliments your lifestyle and body get in touch at: 
Look good, feel good. 

Stay fab!
Roberta x 
Note: This is a sample of a capsule collection – not all items and outfit ensembles have been shared.

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