5 Reasons To Support Brands That Care

It’s coming up to that time of year where we spend money on people to show we care. We often buy pointless gifts to mark the occasion and fill a few hours of gift giving on Christmas day.
Our desire to spend has a wonderful impact on our economy and let’s face it who doesn’t love a gift or two? (I actually love to give presents) but the same cannot be said about the impact on our beautiful planet, or the workers in poorer countries.

The reality is that we, as consumers actually have the power to change this – but if we continue to buy from the big brands that outsource and mass produce (no matter what the cost is to people or the planet) we will always face issues.

5 Reasons We Should Support More Brands That Care:

  • When we support an ethical brand – the transaction may just be us giving them our money in exchange for a product or service, but that money is working hard behind the scenes to support the business run itself in a socially conscious way.
  • Regardless of where we happen to have been born, or where we live or work, we are all human beings – ethical brands regard people (especially workers in poorer countries) as human beings who have rights, who deserve to be treated well and paid a fair working wage.
  • As consumers and we have the power to put ethical brands on the map – the big brands will take notice of the little brands that are able to make a profit, without compromising on ethics or sustainability [paraphrased quote – Kate Larsen]
  • The children we see today, are the future. They deserve to live a healthy happy life – but there is no guarantee this will be possible if we continue to support brands that don’t care about the condition of our beautiful planet.
  • We can sleep better at night knowing that we are active citizens that use our spending power to support positive change.

I’m Proud To Support Brands That Give A Damn

On the 20th of November 2016 I travelled to Cambridge to support a wonderful new ethical lingerie brand called AmaElla at their fashion ethics launch party, I met two very knowledgeable ladies (also speakers at the event) called Kate Larson and Laurie Palmer – each of them presented compelling research and facts that showed how important it is to consider how things are made and the impact it can have on the planet and peoples lives. I’m more passionate than ever to get people to shop consciously and consider their actions – I also want to appeal to people’s conscience, because we should care more about what happens behind the scenes.

You can find out a little more about the stats I shared on my website over on the personal styling, sustainable wardrobe services page.

Ignorance Isn’t Bliss – It’s Damaging

It wasn’t long ago that I walked around in ignorant bliss, out of sight out of mind and all of that malarky. But something happened to me – I started learning more about mass produced items that feed our desire for fast and cheap products. I started questioning things. I started to care about the impact of my actions and I realised I wasn’t alone.

There is a big shift happening in the consumer space – but it’s still not enough – as long as their is a demand for cheap stuff, their will always be a supply of cheap stuff coming from somewhere – whilst other people and the planet pays the price.

Be the Change You Wish To See In The World

I realised (not too long ago) that I need to think bigger.  I told myself that I will use my business as a vehicle to inspire positive change – I will talk at more events,  I will do whatever I can to reach even more people. I want to help them understand the relationship between consumerism and our health, happiness, the economy, other people and the planet. We all deserve to look good, feel good, and live great – and we all need to buy stuff, there is no disputing that. But we can do good at the same time, simply by supporting brands that give a damn.

Whilst the minority are passionate about change, championing ethical brands and using our spending power for the greater good – the majority are still mindlessly shopping without a care in the world.

If you enjoyed this blog. Please re-post and share. Let’s start a movement, let’s Dare To Care

Stay fabulous – and remember you can make a difference!

Roberta x

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